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Welded Razor Mesh Welded Razor Mesh has been designed as a high security fencing mesh used to protect commercial, industrial and government institutions. The product is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools.....Learn More
Concertina Razor MeshWe can produce razor type barbed wire in concertina coils of different blade types and specifications. Special specifications for concertina coils or straight type razor wire are available on request
.....Learn More
Razor Strip Razor strip is a kind of fencing tops made of razor wire mesh in the form of ribbons or strips. It can be packed in the roll form and unroll for installation along the top of sites or fencing for security and strengthening purposes.....Learn More
Razor Mesh For Window Conveyor Belts,............Expanded metal..........Tying wire....................... Learn More

Diamond Welded Wire netting wire dia.:from 2mm to 6mm Geotextile
hole size: 300mm x 150mm, 250mm x 125mm, 200mm x100mm.......50mm x 50mm.....

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Fence Post We produce fence post for protective wire mesh fencings of express highway and express railway.....Learn More
Tangle Wire A smooth blade profile designed as a deterrent against intrusion. The smooth surface removes the danger associated with Razor wire......Learn More
Wire Mesh Fence Materials for wire mesh fences: Galvanized iron wire or plastic coated iron wire.
Process: Welding...Aluminum insect screen..Learn More

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