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About Us

We can produce razor mesh and the only one producer in China, we welded razor mesh in specical method that can make the welded points very strong, no one can better than ours.
Max. Width is 3. 0m, the length is usual  6m, the other length can be requested., hole size: 150mm x 300mm, 75mm x 150mm.

We also can supply fece post post, such as, t-post, y-post, l-post, etc.
Razor mesh is a versatile, high security fencing mesh designed to protect you and your property without marring the appearance of the property.

It has many superority: 
1. Extremely difficult to cut (high tensile core wire) ;
2. Hard to climb;
3. Height of 1. 2, 1. 8, 2. 1, 2. 4 and 3. 0 meters, etc
4. Does away with the need for a fence topping. 

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ADD: Weimin Street, Anping County, Hebei Province, P.R. China